Lollipops make great party favors!
Chocolate Rosebud Lollipop
One Chocolate Rosebud lollipop with green leaves, approximately 2'' X 2 1/4''. Individually wrapped and tied.
Rose Color
Ribbon Color
Great For Wedding,Shower Or Anniversary Favors.
Chocolate Rose Lollipop
One Chocolate Rose lollipop with green leaves, approximately 2'' X 2''. Individually wrapped and tied.
Ribbon Color
Rose Color
Great Favor Idea!
Playing Card Lollipop
Four 2 1/4" Individually Wrapped Playing Card Lollipops. Unit Contains 1 Of Each Suit.Tied with white ribbon.
Sure To Be A Hit At Your Next Card Party.
Smiley Face Lollipop
One 1 1/2"X 1 1/2" Individually Wrapped Smiley Face Lollipop.
These Chocolate Lollipops Will Put A Smile On Your Face.
Sheep Lollipop
Six 2 1/2" Individually Wrapped White Chocolate Sheep Lollipops With Assorted Numbers.Tied with white ribbon.
These Sleepy Sheep Are So Cute!
Flower Lollipop
One 1 1/2" Individually Wrapped Daisy Lollipops Tied With Curling Ribbon.
Party Favor Idea!
Balloon Lollipop
One 1 3/4"X 2 1/4" individually Wrapped Balloon Lollipop. Ribbon Will Match Color Of Balloon.
Birthday Favor Idea.
Castle Lollipop
One 1/4"X 3 1/4" Individually Wrapped Castle Lollipop ,Tied With White Ribbon.
Great For A Fairy Tale Theme Party!
Strawberry Lollipop
One 2 1/4"X 2 1/2" Individually Wrapped Strawberry Shaped Chocolate Lollipop Tied With Red Ribbon.
A Yummy Treat!
Frog Lollipop
One 1 1/2"X 2" Individually Wrapped, Green Chocolate Frog Lollipop Tied With White Ribbon.
Fun For Young And Old.
Dinosaur Lollipop
One 2" X 3 1/2" Individually Wrapped Dinosaur Lollipop. Ribbon Color Will Match The Dinosaur Color. The Dinosaur Shapes Come Assorted.
Great For Kids!
Long Stemmed Rosebud
One Chocolate Rosebud with a long green stem,bagged and tied with ribbon.Approximately 11" long.
Rose Color
$1.39 Ribbon Color
Favors,Valentines Day,or "Just Because"
Long Stemmed Rose
One Chocolate Rose with a long green stem,bagged and tied with ribbon.Approximately 11" long.
Rose Color
$1.29 Ribbon Color
Beautiful and Delicious!
Foot Lollipop
1 3/4"x 3" Individually Wrapped Foot Lollipop.The Ribbon Will Match The Toe Nail Color.
Toe Nail Color
Music Note Lollipop
1 3/4"x 1 3/4" Music Note Lollipop.Music Note Will Be Made Of Dark Chocolate.
Background Flavor
Firetruck Lollipop
1 1/2"x3 1/4" Firetruck lollipop.